Uncontested Divorce


Our attorneys will move fast and will file the original petition with the appropriate court within 24 hours of being retained.  Texas law states there is a 60-day waiting period between the filing of the petition and when you are able to sign your divorce decree.  That means that the fastest time you may sign your divorce decree is 61 days.  If you and your spouse are in agreement to the divorce, you may qualify for a quick, 61-day divorce.  If you are interested in a quick divorce, contact our office today at (817) 482-6570 to speak with an attorney. 

Contested Divorce


If your spouse is putting up a fight, call an attorney immediately.  Our attorneys will fight for what is just and fair and will be 100% on your side. Our office will guide you through the process, advise you of all of your options and will be with you every step of the way.   


We understand that a pending divorce may affect your finances.  Our office is willing to work with you to create a flexible payment plan.  Call our office to discuss pricing options today!


Spousal Maintenance ("Alimony")


If you are recently separated and are a stay at home mom, unemployed, or are not the primary bread winner of your family, do not stress another day about how you are going to pay your bills.  You may be entitled to receive monthly payments of spousal maintenance (in addition to your part of the division of property).

Texas law basis eligibility of spousal maintenance on the length of your marriage.  However, you may also qualify if you are disabled or if there was family violence in your home.  Call (817) 482-6570 to see if you qualify for spousal maintenance.  Our attorneys will get you the maximum monthly payments possible.