Drug Possession Offenses

Jail Time and Monetary Penalties 


If you or a loved one have been charged with any type of drug possession offense, you will need an experienced criminal defense attorney to navigate you through the process and fight to have your jail time and monetary penalties reduced.


Texas law outlines and categorizes the penalties for the drug offenses using a couple of different factors:

1.  The type of drug;

2.  The amount that was possessed; and

3.  If there are any aggravating circumstances.

Charges may range from Class B Misdemeanors to a Third Degree Felony. 

Consequences of a Drug Possession Offense


Although, we understand that every case is unique, if this is your first offense, your county may allow you to complete a drug treatment program or community service instead of serving jail time.  Contact us today at (817) 482-6570 for a free case evaluation to see if you qualify. 


If you have prior convictions, do not panic.  Our team will tirelessly fight to get you the best deal possible.

What do I do if I or Someone I Love was Arrested?

Our attorneys are on call 24/7 to conduct a free case evaluation.  Once we evaluate your case we will start immediately and move quickly to work on your case.  We will take the time to update you on the status of your case from beginning to end.

Our attorneys are able to assist you or your loved one in every step of the process.  Our attorneys will work on organizing bond, fight for a bond reduction, conduct jail visitations, any pre-trial settings and hearings, and if necessary, trial.



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